You'll remember that, back in February, Brian Williams was in hot water for his embellishments regarding his time in Iran. Well, the folks at NBC decided that it might be time to take another look at some of Willams' other stories over the years and it seems that they've come up with a few more.

According to a story from MSN, the people at NBC have come up with about 10 more stories in which Williams kind of added to the truth to make the story more appealing. Among the stories that Williams is said to have embellished is one concerning his coverage of Israel’s military action against Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006. According to Williams account of that adventure, he was, once again, in a helicopter that was fired upon.

Williams is also believed to have made up details about Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring uprisings in early 2011. According to the MSN story,

It’s not clear whether Williams actually reported from the chaotic square. The New York Times on Friday cited an appearance by Williams on “The Daily Show” in February, 2011 in which Williams said he saw members of a pro-government group on horseback beating anti-government protesters in the square. Williams said he had “actually made eye contact with the man on the lead horse,” according to a video of the interview, but that account has been called into question by the investigators, according to the Times.

No doubt, Williams' future with NBC is being discussed as we speak.

Here's the complete MSN article