We'd love to add your name to the growing list of $1,000 winners! We'd like even more to have your name on a check for $10,000. We're fairly certain that wouldn't offend you either.

Here are our $1,000 winners for this first week of May.

Tuesday- Nico Birdwell

Adam Graber

Alfred Rossy (Alfred gave us a pic to use. Obviously too smart to let a radio station person take his picture!)

Elyse Rieman

Sue Tibbits

(No photo yet..She just won Friday morning!

Here's the details on how YOU can be our next winner

It’s your chance to win cash! Two chances at a $1,000 each weekday just by listening to us on the radio. AND you can win $10,000 this month, right here on our website. Man, that’s a lot of cabbage.


Listen Monday through Friday, all through May for two chances each day to call in and win $1,000. The only day we won’t be giving out $1,000 is Memorial Day. When you hear the Q2CALL, be caller 25 at 1-877-854-WINS(9467).

And then enter here for your chance to win $10,000. (That’s ten cruises to the Caribbean; fifty hot air balloon rides; a 2003 Lincoln Town Car; or, uh, whatever else you want.) We don’t care what you do with your $10,000. We just want you to win it.

To enter for $10,000, you must be a VIP. But you really should do that anyway – sign-up is free, and qualifies you for tons of contests like this one, plus lots of games, prizes, and exclusive content.

The contest goes until June 3 – so keep listening all month long for a shot at $1,000 and enter now for your shot at $10,000!