There's a saying education begins at home, well, it's also where saving begins. And now when folks are working two jobs and doing everything they can to survive this trying economy, we all look for ways to save a buck here or there.  Here are a few simple things we can do to trim a few expenses at home:

!) Keep you freezer full - it uses less energy when full.  Fill water bottles to fill empty spaces in the freezer if you need to fill it.

2). Reuse bath towels.  My friend Mary Jane told me this years ago and I thought to myself "that's really gross". Now once I realized we're only wiping off clean water it's easy to use them rehang them to dry and you are ready for your next shower

3) Switch to CFL bulbs - these compact fluorescent lights are great little money savers

4)Use small appliances like the crock pot or toaster instead of heating up the entire oven.  Should you heat the over, cook several things at a time to maximize energy used.

5) Caulk & weatherstrip the cracks in your home.  We put weatherstrip in our front door and I was so surprised the difference it made as I had not realized how much air was coming through beforehand.