Just yesterday a friend and I were discussing the fact that Mondays just don't seem that bad anymore. Sure, we all hate when the weekend ends, but once you actually get into the day, it can even be one of the most productive days.

Well, according to a new poll, Monday is no longer the least favorite day of the week. So, what day to people dislike the most?

A study found that Monday may in fact be the most relaxing day of the week, while Wednesday is the one people hate most!  In a poll, many women said they view Mondays as an opportunity to get a fresh start on the week.  And no wonder they look forward to it- the majority of women said weekends are often just as stressful as the work week, thanks to the pressures of cleaning, socializing and entertaining.  On the other hand, participants responded that they often feel low-energy by the time Wednesday rolls around.  We’re still going with Friday as the best day of the week.