Thank you lord for not letting this story originated from Louisiana. It does sound like Marie to me! LOL So how does a mom slap the wrong kid?



Hell hath no furry like a mom who is waist deep in dirty laundry, looking at a trashed house, gets very little sleep and then gets a bad call from her kids school. That happened to 36 year old Tyshekka (a name patterned after a bad Alphabet soup accident) Collier this past Wednesday.

Her son had been suspended from a South Carolina Middle school. You know the more she drove the madder she got. I bet when she got to the school and opened the car doors steam came out of her car. That is when the trouble started.

Tyshekka stormed into the School office and saw her son with his head down. She immediately started slapping him (and probably uttered some choice words.) The problem is that is was not her son. It was a sick kid waiting for his parents to come pick him up. This is when most people would be horrified for their mistake and start helping the poor kid, making sure he was OK and apologizing profusely. That is not what Tyshekka did.

She found her son and started slapping him in true "I've reached my boiling point" style.

She was arrested and charged with two counts of assault and battery and disturbing a school.