The Baseball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. That's Mecca for baseball fans. Where else could one see exhibits and memorabilia featuring such greats as Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle or (one of my favorite players) Willie Stargell ?

The election for nominees this year includes:

No one ! That's right, fans. Nobody was nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame this year!

Are some fans upset by this revelation? You know it. Many fans are up in arms claiming that the move diminishes the Hall of Fame.

Serioulsy? The fact that an award is not given out every year just because it's expected to be given out diminishes the value of the award? Since when does "selectivity" diminish anything?

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Bud Selig certainly does not agree with the upset fans on this issue. When asked if he thought it was a bad move on the part of MLB, Selig replied, "No. Why would I be?" he said. "The Hall of Fame is the greatest honor a player can get. A very small percentage of players. Next year, I think you'll have a rather large class, and this year, for whatever reasons, you had a couple of guys who came very close.

Selig went on to point out that the job of the people who vote for inclusion into the hall is not to see to it that someone gets in every year, but to make sure that those who do get elected are truly deserving.

Seriously, wouldn't it be great if all the upcoming Hollywood "Pat Ourselves on the Back" awards would just once come out and say, "Sorry, we just don't feel that any of the movies released this year were up to the standards of the academy?"