A Mississippi woman is in big trouble after she allegedly offered to sell her baby for $5,000 to a Kenner, La., woman she met on Craigslist.  Yeah, this is going to be one of THOSE stories, folks.

According to a Biloxi newspaper, the Sun-Herald, Bobbie Jo Stojic, 23 of Bay St. Louis, had put baby clothes for sale on Craigslist.  The Kenner woman responded to the classified ad, and the two struck up a friendship.

At some point, things took a weird turn, however, when Stojic offered to sell -- not just the clothes -- but her child.  For $5,000. Wow, right?

Word is that Stojic was hard up for money -- apparently so hard up that she's willing to sell her soul along with the child, but whatever.  If these allegations are true -- and I hope they're not -- she could face 10 years in jail and a $20,000 fine.

But what blew me away about the story was one of the throwaway lines near the bottom of the story.  Apparently, it's only been illegal to sell a child in Mississippi since 2009!  That law was written in response to a grandmother who tried to sell her child ... on eBay!


Lake Charles attorney Larry Pichon called me this morning to advise me that it has been illegal to sell a child in Louisiana (see this statute) since 1976.  Thank you, Larry.  I was afraid to check.  As bizarre as it is that we have to make laws about this kind of stuff, it would make me feel much worse to find out we don't have one.  I'll sleep better tonight.  At least we have Mississippi beat on THAT one.