I don't have any idea what is so hypnotic about setting up a bunch of dominoes and watching them fall down, but it seems to have become an art form. The artist, who is listed only as Hevish 5, has outdone herself this time around, with a triple spiral of dominoes.

The project took her over 25 hours to set up and uses about 15,000 dominoes. Now, I've been entertained more than once by watching this sort of thing, and I have to say that no one has taken the fun to a higher level than this young lady.

What I want to know is where does someone get all that free time? Over 25 hours set-up time and the whole effect is over in just about 2 minutes. Still it's a very impressive effect. You'll probably watch it more than once.

I can only imagine how nerve wracking setting up 15,000 dominoes must be. In the back of your mind, you've got to be thinking about the fact that just one slip and you're back to setting up the whole thing from square one!