Citizens of Lake Arthur are watching the weather carefully and watching the rising Mermentau River diligently. The river is already six feet above flood stage and more rain is in the forecast.

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The hourly forecast calls for a fifty percent chance of rain to creep back in by late this afternoon. The current National Weather Service Flood Warning indicates the Mermentau to crest at around seven feet over flood stage sometime tomorrow. There is only so much that sandbags can do. This means that citizens of Lake Arthur who have not already been impacted by the flooding need to keep aware of the rising water.The concern is that the water will overflow the levee and the city's pumps will not be able to keep up.  According to KFLY Mayor Robbie Bertrand said, "We are warning people along the drainage canal roads in the central part of town that if we are not able to contain that water there and the level rises, they could experience flooding." A curfew is in place in Lake Arthur from 10 pm till six am.