I won't name any names here, but there are a lot of syndromes and conditions out there that are about as authentic as a left-handed screwdriver.

You won't believe what they've come up with now.

Doctors have officially diagnosed a man in Scotland named Jim Dunbar with chronic lateness syndrome, which is exactly what it sounds like – he is incapable of being on time for anything.

In a not-so-ironic twist, Dunbar, 57, received the diagnosis after he arrived half an hour late for a doctor’s appointment.

Dunbar, who says he’s been running behind his entire life, claims CLS has caused plenty of problems over the years, including standing up dates, losing out on jobs, missing parties and even being tardy for funerals. He’s tried setting his watch ahead and using a clock with perfect time, but that hasn’t helped, either. He’s even managed to show up late for the movies when he’s given himself 11 hours to get ready.

Dunbar’s condition reportedly works in the same part of the brain that afflicts people with ADHD, preventing him from employing proper time management. Now that he has been diagnosed, he says, “The reason I want it out in the open is that there has got to be other folk out there with it and they don’t realize that it’s not their fault."

Okay..If you are an adult and you have access to any kind of even semi-accurate timepiece -- Yes, It's your fault.  In fact, several authorities have said that 'chronic lateness' is a sign of arrogance.