Unless you've always been a strict non-drinker, you've probably encountered that horrible morning after visitor known as the common hangover. Kris Kristofferson summed it up pretty good in his song, "Sunday Morning Coming Down," when he said, 'No way to hold my head that doesn't hurt." Been there done that.

There are a million and one 'folk' remedies out there. Some people opt for 'the hair of the dog' while others just pop aspirin all day on the 'day after.' As far as medical science goes, there has been no miracle cure for the common hangover.

I guess we are lucky then that there are 7 common meals that we can have on the day after that will at least relieve some of the symptoms of a hangover. Most of these foods are readily found in most homes.

Watch the video and you'll learn how a simple snack of a banana, some saltines, multivitamins and a glass of water could help or you might try a simple meal of toast with honey and a glass of orange juice. All the foods in the video are just that simple.


Here are 7 meals that can help cure a hangover: