Not a particularly fun weekend at our house!  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Munchkin, the oldest of our seven cats, started sneezing, wheezing, and just not feeling good. We took him to the vet, who did an exam, proclaimed he had an upper respiratory infection, and gave him an injection.  There's an antibiotic that lasts about 10 days, which makes life a whole lot easier than trying  to give them orally. Sunday, Munch was much better, but by last Tuesday he  had stopped eating, so he went back to the vet. A steroid was prescribed, mixed into gel form, and we place it in his ear twice a day; again, much easier than giving orally.

He was better until this past Saturday, when he stopped eating and drinking. He was so congested you could hear it when he breathed and by Saturday night we decided to take him the emergency vet clinic.  He was administered some fluids, a couple of injections of B vitamins, and given another antibiotic to work in concert with the 10 day injection.

But, by Saturday evening, a few of the other cats started sneezing and not eating, so we have a house full of sick cats.  It'll run its course, just like in us humans, and soon, we hope, all will be back to normal.

On the plus side, if you can call it that, their not eating will save on the food bill and my sleep has been uninterrupted, too.