Here's a bizarre one for you. Some people are going to just act raggedy not matter the situation. For example: Take Josh Hunt of Tulsa. Now, Josh obviously does not use any discretion when choosing his friend or for that matter his girlfriends.

It seems that Josh's girlfriend, Jordon Morrow who is also his baby mama, teamed up with some of her excellent friends and thy plotted to rob Josh. To make the picture complete, she took the baby along on the robbery trip. Well, while trying to break a window with a pipe, one of the rocket scientist hit the baby with the pipe and now the whole party gets moved to the ICU at the local hospital.

Well, someone at the hospital said to themselves, "Something's not right with this picture" and called the cops on everyone involved. So now Jordon is facing charges of first degree burglary, child neglect, and assault with a deadly weapon. That;s all well and good, but it's not the end of the whole sordid story.

It seems that during all the excitement Josh got bopped in the eye and had a shiner to show for it. I don't know if he went to the ICU as well to have his eye checked out, but the bottom line is that our hero also ends up in the ICU with the girlfriend and the baby and all the other perps involved in this story.

While being taken care of in the ICU, Josh spots an unguarded purse and decides it would go great with the rest of his ensemble so he steals it. Long story short, Josh is caught with incriminating evidence on him including $126 in cash along with the woman's drivers license and all her credit cards and he is promptly arrested for purse snatching.

My own mental image is that of Josh carrying out his crime while in one of those hospital gowns with his butt hanging out.

No word on whether Josh and Jordon are still dating, but they don't seem the type to learn anything from all that. Some people's kids, huh?