You won't believe your ears when this guy starts playing "The Pink Panther Theme.' Thanks to the movies and the Saturday morning cartoons by the same name, just about everyone is familiar with this very cool piece of music. All you have to hear are the first few notes of the song and you know exactly what's coming. The guy in this video really does play a killer version of this famous saxophone piece, but he does it without a saxophone.

This guy has the uncanny ability to sound just like a sax and you won't believe your ears when he starts playing. If you've ever heard Bobby McFerrin do his impersonation of various instruments, you'll have a rough idea what this guy is doing. Now, I've heard people do pretty good imitations of trumpets and trombones, but sounding like a reed instrument takes some pretty unique vocal chords.

This guy is so good you'll find yourself wishing that he would play the whole piece.