I know I sound like a broken record , but to all would-be crooks: There are cameras EVERYWHERE.

Now, having said that; The Bank of America in Byron township, Michigan was robbed this past Tuesday afternoon. Police wasted no time in getting photos from surveillance cameras out to the public. Several people recognized the person in the picture, in fact one of those people knew her quite well; It was his mom!

In her defense, she had a good reason to rob the bank..

Dee Ann Sanders looked like any other customer. She walked up to the bank's kiosk and appeared to be filling out a deposit slip. Well, as it turns out, it was a withdrawal slip, but she wasn't greedy. All she wanted was $2,500 "for her children and grandchildren.

The fact is, she wanted the money for crack because she was so upset about marital problems that she just needed a fix. We all know that crack is the perfect solution for problems, marital and otherwise.

Her son, who chose not to give his name to the press, recognized his mom and called the FBI. When asked where the authorities could find his mom, he informed them that she was home. You know, in the same house from which he was calling.

Dinners gonna be late tonight kids. Mom's gotta go to jail.