As I was perusing the net today, I came across this very strange story. It's fascinating and just a bit scary at the same time. A man by the name of Michael Boatwright was found unconscious in a Palm Springs hotel room and when he awoke the next day, he had no idea who he was. The story gets even stranger.

According to all the ID's found on the man, his name is Michael Boatwright from Florida, but he has no knowledge of anyone named Michael Boatwright and, perhaps strangest of all, says his name is Johan Ek and speaks only Swedish.

While Boatwright was born and raised in Florida, he did work in Sweden off and on between 1981 and 2003. While living in Sweden, it's reported that he owned a small consulting firm. He had no idea what he does for a living now, but when his room was searched, five tennis rackets were found leading him to speculate that 'maybe I'm a tennis coach.'

Authorities also found pictures of Boatwright with a Japanese woman, but when showed the pictures, Boatwright didn't know who she was. Authorities think it may be the man's wife.

A FaceBook account has been started in hopes that anyone with real information about the man will come forward to, perhaps, help him reconnect with his true identity.

A social worker assigned to his case adds that, not only does Boatwright know who he is, but also doesn't recall how to exchange money, take public transportation or seek temporary housing like homeless shelters or hotels.

According to ABC/WJLA News:

Doctors believe that Boatwright is in something called a fugue state, a psychiatric disorder that's characterized by reversible amnesia. Trauma is usually the reason for the rare disorder, which can happen after stressful events, family deaths or major accidents.

Here is the link to Boatwrights FaceBook page