While living in Baton Rouge and going to Tiger Stadium for various events ... I always stop by to see Mike the Tiger. He is a very interesting character and this time he hit on my wife.

Don Rivers Photos

Most of the time MIke is a little reclusive. Sometimes he just outright hides from his adoring fans. He has a very nice enclosure right next to Tiger stadium. It is enclosed with a fence around most of the area so fans can see Mike as he patrols his kingdom. There is also a glass partition where Mikes pond is located so you can watch him in the water. Until this trip I had never sen him in the water. I have talked to him though.

I would stand at the fence and as he would pace by I would call his name. He usually answers with a quick and somewhat muted growl. It's very cool because he does it everytime you say his name. I would have thought that was great on this visit but Mike had other plans.

My wife and I spent the first 15 minutes watching Mike patrol his area and pose for pictures for the kids gathered around on a beautiful late Saturday afternoon. My wife and I were sitting on a bench in front of one of the glass partitions when Mike decided to go for a dip in the pond. We got up and walked over to the glass. We were the only ones in front of this particular window. Mike came right up to my wife like he knew her and started licking the glass right in front of her like he was loving on her. If there had been no glass there he would have been licking her. It was an incredible experience.

I urge everyone to stop by and see Mike when you are in Baton Rouge.