I was one of the many people outside last night trying to watch the eclipse. We did get a few glimpses when the clouds would part for a few minutes, but by 8:30 p.m. the clouds had done their job of eclipsing the moon completely.

The talk turned to the weather and one of those present said they heard there was a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. That's exactly how these rumors get started, now isn't it? Actually what we have in the gulf is a low pressure system that might like to become a tropical storm. The low pressure system is the culprit causing all this rain.

As with most of the storm systems we've seen so far this year, this one will trying to form into something, but because of El Nino, chances are we will just get some rain out of the low pressure system. Once again, the wind shear will likely tear this system apart as well.

Other than this system of low pressure, there is Invest 11 wandering around in the Atlantic and that system too is expected to fall apart. We've had a great hurricane season and we've been very lucky this year. Only a few weeks left in the season.