Beer.  Now that I have your attention..(sorry for the old joke). Saturday May 19th at the Civic Center the Louisiana Beer Fest returns to the Lake Charles Civic Center.

Beer has been a favorite beverage here in the Lake Area forever, but in the past couple of years imports and craft beers have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. When you attend the Louisiana Beer Fest, you'll get an opportunity to sample some of these great beers. Many people at our last Beer Fest discovered that they now have a new favorite beer.

What can you expect?

Well, first of all don't expect to find people walking around with giant glasses of beer and German music playing in the background. Also, you won't find any of the shall I put this?  Uh, "common" beers. I won't name any names but, generally speaking, you won't find anything that is sold in bottles called "ponies". You won't find anything that comes in 18 packs or is advertized in the Super Bowl. Nothing against any of those products but you can find them everywhere!


What you will find are real beer lover's beers. Great beers from all corners of the globe. Every color and taste will be represented. But that doesn't mean that there will be no domestic beer! To the contrary, the Beer Fest will feature Abita Beer. Abita is brewed in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Beer Fest isn't featuring Abita just because it's brewed in Louisiana ! Abita has become a very respected beer all over the country and I assure you that you will find an Abita product you will love. If you've never tasted Abita Turbo Dog or Purple Haze, you are in for a treat. Abita has other brews that, while lesser known, are amazing.



The Louisiana Beer Fest is a Louisiana owned and operated company whose purpose is to promote beer and beer culture throughout the state. We have a passion for beer. Having traveled and sampled great beer all over the country and world, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing great beer to our home.

That is not to say we don't have great beer here already. There are a growing numbers of Louisiana breweries, all doing their best to produce great products. A trip to our festival will allow you to sample, and probably meet, the people who are behind all of that great brewing. In addition to our great local breweries, you will get a chance to sample beers from all around the world.

Lambics from Belgium, bitters from England, hefe-weizens from Germany, and so many more. If you are an experienced beer drinker, then this is what you have been waiting for. If you are new to the world of craft beers, then this is your chance to sample a great variety of beers and get some education on the subject.

Here is a link to the can buy tickets and get a preview of some of the other beers that will be featured!   BEERFEST

Absolutely no one under 21 will be admitted to the Louisiana Beer Fest under any circumstances!