The Vietnam War was one of the most unpopular conflicts in our nation's history. It was the first war to play out on television and as the soldiers came home from the battlefield many were met with anger by a country that was bitterly divided. Their war didn't end when they got home...

They went to a place where they were not welcome..when they came home, they faced a very similar situation. Same war, different enemy.  Out of all the wars and conflicts in this nations history, only the veterans of Viet Nam were not given a hero's welcome.

An event to make amends to those men and women  , held this past Saturday at the local Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial  was organized by Alfred Cochran, Vietnam Veteran  along with the Mayor's Armed Forces Commission spearheaded the event and got the day recognized as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran's Day" on the federal, state and local level.

In his speech to the veterans mayor Roach told them, "For your service to our country - we thank you. For not giving up when we failed to give you the honor you deserve - we thank you,"

Despite the fact that those who served in Viet Nam were treated shabbily (at best) when they returned home, many of them say they would do it again. Such is the spirit of these veterans.

If you know a Viet Nam veteran...make sure they know that you too, "Welcome Then Home". They deserve it and it is long overdue.