I’m a morning person, I really am. I love the earliest part of the day when all things are possible and no to-do list is too long. There’s a quiet magic in the stillness of the awakening birds as the sun breaks through the misty trees. I love getting up early.

And I love staying up late at night.

The two habits are as compatible as gunpowder and matches. This week as I fill in for Gary Shannon, my leisurely 6AM wake up alarm gets reset to 3AM… yeah, when it’s still dark. It’s still the “night before" even. And one doesn’t simply suddenly start going to bed early, say three hours early to compensate. My usual bedtime of midnight on 1AM isn’t feasible when the digital rooster starts to crow in the middle of last night.

But try as I might I can’t force myself to bed at 9PM, or 8… or 7PM as Gary has told me he often does. It’s unnatural for me to go to bed while the evening sun still has time for fooling around in the backyard, the shop or just sitting on the patio.

It’s not in my character to not catch the headlines on the late news.

I must watch the entire Astros game from the west coast winning or losing.

I can’t go to sleep too early because no matter what there’s that feeling I have that I ‘might miss something!” I spent nearly the entire decade of my twenties partying every night because my greatest fear was always staying home and getting a knock on the door the next day from a friend who would exclaim: “man, you should have been there last night!!”

So, in listening this week if you catch me yawning into the opening of your favorite song, don’t take it as an insult – I was up late last night gathering the worlds latest information of interest to pass along to you this morning… yeah, that’s it… I was up late doing my job. Yeah. ZZZZzzzzz