I'd be willing to bet that Clemence Guidry thinks of himself as just another citizen, but the Lake Charles Police Department says he's a hero and, frankly, we agree. Guidry was just another customer at a local convenience store when trouble broke out, and Guidry stepped in to help an officer subdue an out-of-control Carl Dean Thibodeaux, who had already been asked to leave the premises because he was causing trouble.

LCPD Officer Christopher Baudin was on the scene and had already asked Thibodeaux to leave the premises when Thibodeaux became unruly. He not only refused to leave the premises, but he also refused to remove his hands from his pockets. When Officer Baudin attempted to subdue Thibodeaux, he became violent and started attempting to hit Baudin.

It was then that Guidry stepped in and helped control Thibodeaux so that he could be handcuffed by Baudin. For his bravery, Guidry has been given a well deserved commendation from the Lake Charles Police Department.

Chief Donald D. Dixon presented Guidry with a certificate and commendation coin "for his valor and heroic efforts".

“You are a hero, and we thank you for doing the right thing and assisting law enforcement," Dixon told him.

Thibodeaux was arrested on trespassing and resisting/obstructing arrest charges.