Who wouldn't love to see The Beatles? Well, we know that's not possible, but you can see the next best thing..."Yesterday" is considered to be one of the best Beatle tribute bands to come along in a long time. One reviewer said that his only complaint was "that the show had to end."

You can win tickets to this great show!

Before we tell you more about the band and how to win tickets, take a look at "Yesterday" performing "Day Tripper"

Yesterday is considered the #1 Beatles act in the world. Yesterday has been touring internationally and satisfying hundreds of thousands of people since 1987 with their authentic recreation of a live Beatles concert. This group has performed in over 1000 venues in the United States and nearly 100 venues in foreign countries. These four lads look and sound so much like the original Fab Four that their audiences (especially the younger audience) believe that they are the real thing! The group performs in Beatles attire complete with velvet collared suits, Beatle boots and Sergeant Pepper uniforms.




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