The Stones have been around a long time and their penchant for partying is well documented. They really lived up to their reputation as 'the bad boys of rock and roll.'  Groupies, drugs, booze and every other party time stuff you'd care to name.

Well, that's the way it used to be. How do The Rolling Stones relax back stage now?

The Stones now range in age from late-60's to early 70's and their backstage antics have changed just a bit. Take bad by Ron Wood for example.

Ron's wife, Dally now tours with him and according to her, the way they go wild backstage is...wait for it...putting together jigsaw puzzles. It's hard to picture the hard partying Ron Wood looking for that little black piece that will complete the puppies nose, but that's how it is.

Also, when they're not on stage ripping out songs like 'Sympathy for the Devil', the Stones enjoy a wild game of...wait for it...backgammon. In fact, they are planning to have a backgammon tournament on their next tour.

Now, don't get the impression that all they do backstage is put together puzzles and play games. No, sir. They also enjoy watching TV shows like 'Breaking Bad' and 'Orange is the New Black.'

And that's what happens when the bad boys of the 60's are in their 60's ...pass the tea, Mick.