I got a very interesting email from Gary Sinise today and I wanted to share it with you since it deals with Memorial Day. After many years of the National memorial Day parade NOT being carried out, I'm happy to tell you that the National memorial Day Parade will once again happen this year.

Gary Sinise says it a lot better than I could and here is a portion of the email he sent me:

I'm not sure if you know this, but the U.S. Government is not providing any funding to remember this important anniversary. With nearly 600 WWII vets dying every day, this is likely the last major anniversary many of them will see. The sad part is that the National Memorial Day Parade has to actually PAY the government about $80,000 just for the permits to put on the parade! That doesn't even include the additional costs to run the parade, like what the American Veterans Center pays to fly out to DC or the food they need to provide as lunch for the active duty troops marching in the parade.

That is one reason why my foundation, the Gary Sinise Foundation, is paying to bring in about a dozen WWII vets to be in the parade. These great men are coming in not to be thanked, but to honor their buddies who didn't make it home all those years ago.

I'm certainly donating to this great cause and I hope you'll join me. Donate what you can...every bit counts.

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A big salute to all our veterans!