It seems that family members are saying what many people are already here it is...Whitney Houston died from a nasty combination of drugs and booze.

Here's the thing...even if she died of "natural causes" it was drugs and booze that killed her. Have you tried to find a picture of Ms. Houston that was taken in the past three years where she didn't look strung out?

Is anyone surprised. Truth be told...we were all kind of waiting for it.



Officials told Houston’s family that there was not enough water in the 48-year-old singer’s lungs to conclude that she drowned. The website quotes sources as saying Whitney may have passed away before her head became submerged in the tub water.

It was the singer’s aunt, Mary Jones, who discovered the body in the bathtub. The
website quotes sources as saying Jones had placed a dress Whitney was wearing that evening on a bed
and left the room for a half hour. When she returned and Whitney didn’t come out of the bathroom, the
website reports Jones went in and pulled the singer out of the tub and started CPR.


The website also reports that Whitney’s mother has made arrangement to have her daughter’s body
flown back to Atlanta as early as Tuesday.