What could have ended in tragedy ended peacefully thanks to LCPD  S.W.A.T.

From Official LCPD Press Release Deputy Chief of Police, Mark Kraus:


On August 21, 2012 @ 2:29 A.M. Lake Charles Police responded to 327 McNabb Street after receiving a 911 call in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival officers learned that a man was inside the residence with a gun. As police officers approached the home they could see that the man was armed with a large caliber handgun. It was soon learned that the home was also occupied by two children ages 6 and 7. Police negotiators and members of  S.W.A.T.  began speaking with the suspect and after nearly 3 ½ hours the children were allowed to leave. A short time later the suspect exited and was arrested without incident.

After the scene was rendered safe, police learned that the suspect arrived at the residence and began arguing with his girlfriend, the home owner. He then shot one round outside and then one inside. According to detectives, the female fled to call police and the children were held hostage by the suspect.

The suspect, 33 year old Kendal Runnels of Lake Charles was arrested and charged with two counts of  2nd degree kidnapping and one count of Illegal Discharge of a firearm.

Lead investigators are Cpl. James Roden and Detective Kirk Farquhar