Property Developers and those that want to own land will soon have more property to develop – After a vote from the Lake Charles city council to combine several state and local laws governing adjudicated properties in an effort to ultimately get some 375 properties back into a tax generating position.

Revenues from these adjudicated properties being sold ends up going back into city and taxing districts, though plans are to ask the city to cede the funds back to the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority, the primary agency initiating the sales process.

In essence adjudicated properties are those which lands including tracts of all sizes inside the taxing district has been abandoned, foreclosed on or otherwise vacated by the original owners long enough so that the city or parish can take action.

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The city put up an initial 75 properties last November through a company called Civic Source and nine have already gotten nibbles and are in the process of being sold.  Depending on how well the first 75 go, the city and Redevelopment Authority will add another 300.

Mo-info is available by contacting Lake Charles City Hall or the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority. Here’s a great chance for developers or would-be developers to pick up some local land.

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