It would truly be a great thing, especially for all the veterans in this area who have to go all the way to Alexandria to get treatment.

The good news is that congress has made all the necessary approvals for the facility to become a reality.

Congress, at long last, has passed a bill that could pave the way for a VA clinic in Lake Charles.

As things stand now, there is only a temporary mobile clinic in Lake Charles that sees about a dozen patients each day.

When it becomes a reality, the new Lake Charles center would be able to much better serve area veterans with about six times the primary care doctors.

Once the bill is signed into law, a contract will be awarded for a permanent location. After that, it will take six months to renovate the location.

There isn't any official word on where crews will build the new center. The new center would allow for an expansion of services. Additional care will include mental health professionals and dieticians.