This is National Teen Driver Safety Week. With a teen fatality last week in Lake Charles. We thought we would look at some statistics that might educate you on some of the dangers of teen driving. These facts might help you keep your teen driver safe.

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Car crashes are the TOP cause of death  for American teenagers. Did you know the most dangerous time of a teenager's life is the first 12 months after they get a driver's license. A teenagers risk of being in an accident are THREE TIMES higher than an adult over 20.

Do not let your teen drive with friends in the car immediately after getting a license. Some states regulate this. A single passenger raises the fatal car risk for a teenager by 44 percent and three or more passengers QUADRUPLES the risk.

Make your teen drivers be home early. Most fatal nighttime crashes happen between 9 PM and midnight. It should go without saying to set an example and always wear your seatbelt. Make sure your teens wear theirs also. More than half of the teens killed in car accidents were not wearing their seatbelts.

Oh, and about that setting an example ... 80% of teens say their parents influence their driving habits the most.