Thanks to Lake Charles Police Officer Tony Magee, an 84 year old lake Charles woman who had been reported missing, is alive today.

The woman, who has not been identified, was reported by her family around 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. The family told officials that the woman had severe memory loss and had wandered off.

Officer Magee filled out the necessary paperwork but wasn't content to just file a report.

After entering the woman's name in the National Crime Information Center, officer decided to go have a look around the woman,s neighborhood. According to Lake Charles Deputy Chief of Police, Mark Kraus, Magee found the woman partially submerged in a water filled ditch.

After calling for EMT's, Magee crossed through the water to reach the woman who was very close to hypothermia. Magee cared for the woman until EMT's could arrive

"The Lake Charles Police Department is proud to commend Officer Magee for his bravery and initiative during this grave situation. He epitomizes the very essence of dedication, character and integrity that this department strives to find in each officer it employs," Kraus said.

Here's a virtual "pat on the back" to officer Magee! Because Officer Magee went the extra mile, the woman is back with her family. We're all very proud of Tony Magee!!