As they say in the detective movies, "It looks like an inside job.'

Michael L. Tyree, 26, of Lake Charles has been accused of stealing from his employer. The investigation behind the case goes all the way back to November of 2014.

Authorities suspect that, beginning in November of last year, Tyree was purchasing copper wire for the company then selling it to a Texas scrap yard and keeping the money. It's estimated that, using that process, that Tyree stole an estimated $22,000 worth of copper wiring.

Following an investigation, Tyree was arrested on March 18, and charged with the theft. He's has been booked into the Calcasieu Correctional Center and Judge Robert Wyatt set his bond at $10,000.

Tyree's problems may not be over anytime soon as the investigation is still ongoing and more charges may be filed against Tyree.

CPSO Detective Deveda Benoit is the lead investigator on this case.