It's time for the 2nd annual Lake Charles Film Festival. We had a great time last year hanging out with Burton Gilliam who was one of the stars of Blazing Saddles and was a crack-up as the airplane mechanic in Fletch.

This years special guest will be Actor & Indie Filmmaker Jackson Bostwick. Jackson has starred in or been featured in a large number of films, among them Walt Disney’s “Tron" and “The Killing’s at Outpost Zeta” for Anne Spielberg (Steven’s sister.) He has appeared on stage with Dorothy McGuire in “Sweet Bird of Youth” and won the Drama Logue’s acting award for his portrayal of Mike in “The Philadelphia Story.”

Plus, of course some great movies many of which were made right here in Louisiana including the very first screening of 'The Man in the Chair' in which I had the good fortune to be cast in the title role.

It's amazing the number of quality films that come out of Louisiana and the Lake Charles Film Festival, in addition to screening movies from outside Louisiana, also features several movies made here.

Don't expect a lot of amateurish homemade student films. For the most part, these are serious films made with 'local' talent. You'll be surprised at the quality of films coming from this area.

Here is the trailer for 'The Man in the Chair'

I haven't even seen 'The Man in the Chair' yet so, if you come to see the movie at the Lake Charles Film Festival, I'll be the incredibly nervous guy pacing in the back of the theater!

Here is the link to all the info on The Lake Charles Film Festival