I know what you're thinking. Lake Charles Film Festival; who wants to see a bunch of no plot movies filmed by kids from Lake Charles.

You may be surprised to learn that films shot right here in the Lake Area have gone on to win international film awards and come to the attention of some Hollywood big shots!



Louisiana has become the hot spot for movie makers from all over the world. Some big budget films, small budget, no budget films have been shot right here in the Lake area. One of the first movies shot in the Lake Area was "Mercy", a 2005 film noir murder story went on to win 5 Accolade Awards in the International Accolade Competition. The movie went on to get rave reviews, even from one of the masters, Roger Corman.

Actually, there are quite a few people from the Lake Area who have a great deal of film making experience. Some have gone on to national prominence.

But the Lake Charles Film Festival isn't even just about movies made in Louisiana. there will be screenings of movies from all over the world.

And The Lake Charles Film Festival will feature a special guest from Mel Brooks' comedy classic, "Blazing Saddles."



This year's special guest will be Burton Gilliam who is best remembered as "Lyle" from Blazing Saddles, but his credits go far beyond that.


Burton has worked pretty much non-stop since his first  role in a major motion picture as a desk clerk in "Paper Moon".( 1973)

Since then, Burton has appeared in countless TV shows. His movies include (other than Blazing Saddles) Back to the Future III, Honeymoon in Vegas and Fletch.

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