Ever wonder what the Lake Charles area might look like after the zombie apocalypse breaks out? Or whatever kind of apocalypse suits you, really. There aren’t actually any zombies in this, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Over the past few weeks, a mysterious stranger has started uploading videos to YouTube from the Lake Charles area. But not just any videos. The only thing this guy uploads are videos of abandoned places, apart from a single, brief video of the port.

The user goes by the name The Wanderer, which has less to do with the hit Dion song from 1961 than it does with the fact that he goes wandering around in places he probably shouldn’t be, filming things he probably shouldn’t film.

It’s a little creepy, but strangely calming at the same time.

As you watch the videos, it’s not hard to imagine you’re watching The Walking Dead, which just makes it all the more stressful when no zombies ever pop out to try and make a snack out of his spleen or whatever.

Still, it’s interesting to check out all these weird little spaces he tracks down and explores, cell phone camera in hand like Daryl Dixon’s crossbow. He’s uploaded about 17 videos so far, with the latest being only a day old.

Can you identify any of these abandoned places?