I clean out my wallet when it gets so full of stuff I never use that I can't find stuff I do use. Does it work the same way with ladies' purses? Is it a chore you do once a week, once a month or do you clean it out when it gets so full of stuff you don't use that you can't find stuff you do use?

After reading this story, I cleaned out my wallet.

Jane O'Brien decided it was time to clean her purse. In doing so, amongst the forgotten items, she found a 3 month old lottery ticket. I'm sure you're well ahead of me on this story now, so I'll jump to the chase.

Yes, it was a winning ticket and Jane, after calling the lottery office and checking the numbers one at a time, discovered that she was now a millionaire. Can you imagine the feeling of finding out that you were (technically) a millionaire for three months and didn't know it?

Jane had been scrimping and saving for a trip to New York City for quite some time. She say's she still plans to take the trip, but with a whole new outlook.

She says that the folks on 5th Avenue will certainly know she's been there. One item she doesn't plan to buy is a new purse! Who can blame her.

Go ahead, clean out your purse or wallet now. You know you want to.