I know that it's generally believed that, the more people are nagged the more stress for the 'nagee.'

However, a lot of that depends upon what the subject of the actual nagging. In fact, a recent study shows that women with nagging husbands can expect to live longer and here's why:

Again, it's not the nagging in itself that helps women live longer. It's what the nagging husbands in the study nagged about.

A new study out of Oxford University in London found that nagged women are 28% less likely to die from heart disease.

Now, while married women have about the same chance as single women of developing heart disease, married women are more likely to survive it, which is, after ll, the idea of the game.

The reason is this: Good husbands will nag women about their health. They will nag until their spouse goes to the doctor and has that strange symptom checked out. They will also nag about taking meds and eating the right foods.

The study didn't mention anything about husbands who are nagged, and I'm sure not about to wade in on that issue! Just take away this from the story. We nag because we love you. That's our story and -- Well, you know the rest.