It was the biggest think to happen in Kinder since the announcement of the Casino. The Kinder Yellow Jackets won the Class 2A State Championship last Friday night by defeating the Many Tigers 34-20 in the Louisiana Superdome. The game was huge, the victory even bigger and but the sportsmanship after the game stole the show.


Austin Pickle plays quarterback for Kinder. He was certainly as fired up as anyone on the team after the big win. He could have congratulated his team mates and went off to the locker room and all would have been good. He could have shook hands and given the competition a quick "good Game" on the way to the locker room and it would have been better. He topped both of those.

Austin Pickle saw the rejection and sadness on the face of Many's quarterback  Xavier Dias ... so instead of jumping feet first into the championship celebration ... Austin walked over to console the competing quarterback. His parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and all of the rest of us should be proud. When you look up sportsmanship in the dictionary you should see this picture.