Kids initial reactions to food and drink can be pretty funny. Unlike adults who may politely say, "not bad", kids will always let you know in no uncertain terms just what they like and don't like.

In this case, kids were each given a cup of coffee and told to taste it. there was almost no middle ground on this one. With only one exception, they pretty much hated it. Two of the kids went so far as to spit it out as fast as they could.

When I was even younger than the kids in this video, we were at my grandparents house when, suddenly, everyone became aware that I was not in the room. A brief search led them to the kitchen where they found my grandfather spoon feeding me coffee. I can only imagine just how wired it made me and the whole episode got my grandfather in the doghouse for awhile.

Unlike the kids in this video, I must have liked it because I'm a coffee-a-holic to this day!