Now, I love watermelon as much as the next guy, but this kid must just survive on the stuff.

It was during a cricket match in Australia when the camera just happened to pan over to the crowd and caught this kid devouring a whole watermelon. The things is, he didn't eat it a slice at a time, he just sat there and ate the whole darn thing. I'm talking skin, rind and all here.

When I was a kid, there was this urban legend that eating the rind of a watermelon would give you the "chills." I'll be darned if I know a single kid who ever had the chills (whatever that is), but I also didn't know a single kid with the nerve to put that urban legend to the test either.

Well, it's Summer in Australia and a guys got to keep cool somehow, so little Bobby-Joe took his watermelon into the stands and by the end of the match the whole thing was gone. I don't know if it was a seedless watermelon or not, but judging from the way this kid is scarfing it down, I don't think he cared.