I remember when my daughter was born, people who already had kids kept telling me how fast they grow up. I would nod in agreement, but until you've experienced having children, you can't fully appreciate the truth to that statement. If you don't have kids, take it from me;they grow up in the blink of an eye.

My daughter is grown and has two daughters of her own and I'm having the same experience with my granddaughters, but it is a little bit different. I don't see my granddaughters every day so they really seem to be aging fast. Every time I see them, they look a little different.

To prove just how fast the little ones grow up, Dutch artist, Frans Hofmeester took snippets of video of his daughter every week from the time she was born until she turned 16. It's pretty darned amazing to watch the changes in his daughter over that time. Watch it, and I'm sure you'll agree that it all seems to happen just that fast.