Early today (Tuesday)  the National Hurricane Center recognized an area of disorganized thunderstorms over the northern Gulf of Mexico, south of the Louisiana coastline, for possible tropical development.

The National Hurricane Center says there is a 10% chance of this system developing into a tropical system over the next few days. These storms are in association with an upper level low pressure system that at this time is showing no immediate signs of organization.

The reason the hurricane center is giving this system such a low chance of developing is because the upper level wind shear is high.

Regardless of development, heavy rain will accompany this system as it moves towards to WSW.

This is the same system that was responsible for our showers and thunderstorms on Monday, and the additional rain that we'll likely see today.

The Gulf of Mexico waters are plenty warm enough to foster tropical development, but other conditions must also come into play which will likely not happen.

Still, we are entering what is traditionally the 'busy' time of hurricane season and we just want to keep you informed should this system develop.