Just about everyone remembers the 'Just for Jesus' rallies at the Lake Charles Civic center. Those rallies were better known for the problems they created than for spreading the word.

The man behind those rallies, James Patrick Bertrand, is now better known for his multiple arrests than for any work he might have done as a preacher.

Now, the 53 year-old pastor will have his day in court on numerous drug related charges.

Since his latest arrest, Bertrand has been spending his time in a halfway house in Alexandria. Bertrand, who is facing such charges as drub possession, contempt of court, forgery, false swearing, vehicle theft and DWI is represented by Wilford Carter in this matter. Bertrand has been arrested a total of 10 times dating back to 2012.

Bertrand's trial date will be announced shortly as he was back in court again today.