If you know a teacher in the area, you know about the "reviews" they must undergo. It seems that not many people agree with all the reform. A Baton Rouge judge has the power to make his disagreement "felt" as well as "heard." So,the man at the helm of education reform, Governor Bobby Jindal, got a bad review on his "education reform" bill.

Seems the old legislative trick of "hiding" items in a large bill just didn't fool the judge this time.


Judge Michael Caldwell has thrown out Gov. Bobby Jindal's revamp of teacher tenure laws as unconstitutional because, as mentioned above, the bill tried to cover too much ground, or more accurately, too much was "buried."

Judge Caldwell previously had upheld the provision that made it harder for teachers to reach the job protection status of tenure. But, today, the judge agreed with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers in that the entire bill had to be declared unconstitutional because there were just too many items in the bill.

An attorney for the Jindal administration and Department of Education stated that the decision will be appealed.