Hey, I'm just reporting the story, so no name calling.

A judge in Spain actually ruled on a case based on information indicating that men are better drivers than women.

Here's the scoop!

Here's the latest blow in the endless battle over who's better at driving, men or women.  A judge has officially ruled that MEN are better.  Of course, the judge happens to be a man, but we're sure he was totally impartial.

Javier Albar is a judge in Zaragoza, in northern Spain.  He was ruling on a discrimination case where a company called Autoescuela Zaragoza was offering driving lessons to men for $900 and women for $1,170.

The company said they were charging that extra premium to women because female students needed an average of FIVE more classes than male students before they were ready to get a driver's license.

The company was fined about $5,500 for sex discrimination, so they took it to court.

And last week, Albar OVERTURNED the fine . . . because he said there's statistical proof that men really ARE better drivers than women.

He cited official traffic statistics from the Spanish government and said, quote, "Every single year, men displayed greater dexterity and better open road skills."