I'm not just saying this because Joshua is from this area. For my money, he is the best performer that has ever graced the stage on "American Idol".

A couple of weeks ago I told several people here at 92-9 The Lake that I wished Joshua would perform "A Change is Gonna Come", one of the best songs Sam Cooke ever recorded. I just felt that Joshua could do it justice. I was wrong.

Joshua Ledet didn't just do "the song justice" he owned it! Now, I know that comparing anyone to Cooke is blasphemy, but I'm here to tell you that young Joshua Ledet is indeed the heir apparent to Cooke. You be the judge!

I do try to post these  videos with no stupid comments from the  morons who make their post while mommy and daddy are out of the room, but I haven't found a way to do it. I have, however, discovered that, if you open Youtube using Google Chrome, you can turn off the "comments."