You remember Joe Horn! He was the Saints receiver who pulled the cell phone out of a goalpost after a touchdown and proceeded to make a phone call. Everyone remembers that and no one remembers that he caught four touchdown passes that night.


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Joe Horn was a fearless receiver. He first worked with Aaron Brooks and then with Drew Brees. He had great hands and made catches when he knew he was going to be hit hard. He was one of the best. He stopped by our studios today for an interview on our sister station 107 Jamz. He told us the phone call that night was to his son. Joe opened up about the night he made the phone call.

Saints fans will remember "The Beer Man" Michael Lewis. He ran back kick offs for the Saints and was a team mate of Joe's. He his the cell phone that night and told Joe which goal post it was hidden in. Joe tells us he paid Micheal's fine.

Joe told us he was always a good cook and really enjoyed cooking in the off season. So putting together his own bar-b-Que sauce was a labor of love. It's called Bayou 87. You can find it at all area Walmart stores.

Joe will be at the Walmart on Highway 14 today, Nelson Road and Sulphur tomorrow.