Teachers in Louisiana feel that they are at the end of their collective rope in trying to deal with the revamp in public education. So much so that the drive is underway to file a recall petition against Governor Bobby Jindal and House Speaker Chuck Kleckley.

Angie Bonvillain,  a Calcasieu Parish educator ,is one of five teachers who began the effort to recall Jindal and Kleckly  says she's fed up and that legislators are not listening to teachers.

Jindal and legislative leaders are quickly moving proposals that would make it tougher for teachers to get job protection and would dedicate tax dollars to pay private school tuition.

The odds against actually getting a recall, at least historically, are not good. In fact, it's never happened. But if you're going to get someone's attention, this is the legal version of a real good slap in the head!  Just filing the petition should be enough to get the governor and C.K. to pay attention.

We'll See!