This is certainly a great time of year for sports fans. The NFL season is almost half over, the NBA is starting, the NHL is playing too, and tonight baseball’s World Series begins.

I consider myself somewhat of a sports fan, although I don’t watch or follow the NBA or NHL, and I will admit that a lot of the time I’m reading while the game is on TV. There’s just not a lot of non-sports programming on television that interests me. Most of it’s just too violent for me. I have seen a couple of episodes of Blue Bloods, though, since one of my cousins is in the show (he plays the assistant whatever to Tom Selleck) and I wanted to see what kind of role he had. We have never met, by the way.

Back to baseball: I give my wife credit for rekindling my interest in going to the games. We lived close enough to Milwaukee to attend a few games there, including a World Series game in the early 80’s. We also went to a Green Bay Packers football game, in August, happily! We’ve also been to the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, Old Comiskey in Chicago and yes, we’ve been to “the friendly confines of Wrigley Field”, as well as the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, and of course the Astrodome, where we saw a doubleheader, against the Padres. The first game went 18 innings. That game started at 2 p.m. and the second game ended about 9:45 that night. And we have been to Minute Maid Park a few times, and that is the newest park we’ve visited so far. We hope to visit more in the future and maybe make a west coast swing once we retire.

So tonight the Cubs and the Indians square off in Cleveland for the championship. Don’t know who will win, but there’s one thing for sure: it’ll be chilly.