Prom season is fast approaching, which means teenage girls around the country are shopping for the perfect dress.  But their options will be limited this year, thanks to a nationwide gown crackdown High schools across the U.S. are imposing strict prom dress codes for female students- no super-high slits, revealing cutouts or too-short hemlines.  School officials hope that by warning girls in advance about what is and is not acceptable prom attire, they’ll avoid having to send inappropriately dressed students home.

Our wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday fall during this time, and while eating at a restaurant to celebrate the occaision I'm always amazed and sometimes amused by what prom-goers are wearing.  We'll see this beautiful young lady in an exquisite looking gown and her date is wearing one of those t-shirt things that look like a tux; or he's wearing a suit and baseball cap.    Whatever, everyone knows the best part of prom is the afterparty anyway!